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Home Insurance

Home Insurance In Connecticut

Your home is the center of your life, where your loved ones live and come to visit. Your home is your special place and should be treated as such. This is why having home insurance is essential. If you live in Connecticut, there are things to consider when you get your home insurance through Corso Insurance Group.

Comprehensive Protection

Despite Connecticut being a safe state to live in, sometimes incidents of theft and vandalism rear their head to happen, causing unexpected expenses and replacements in your home. While the damage to the actual structure may be limited, your property within could be destroyed or even stolen. With comprehensive coverage, you can have these items replaced with a claim on your policy.

Structural Protection

When you purchase home insurance, all the structures on your property are included in coverage as long as the insurance company is notified about their existence before a claim. Any buildings, pools, and fencing you have can be covered in the event of an unexpected tragedy. With your home insurance policy, you can have structural damage to your home or any other structures repaired when the damage is out of your control.

Liability Protection

Residents in Connecticut are pet lovers and also enjoy gathering with friends and family. Unfortunately, there are events where a pet may bite a guest, or a guest is harmed while on your property. If you are found responsible for their damages and medical expenses, a claim with the liability portion of your insurance will assist you with any financial obligations.

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Our Insurance Services

When it comes to insurance, we strive to provide the best. We can help you get the following coverages:

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